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Hats off to Rainbows

A resource to help Rainbows celebrate their 30th birthday and learn about the amazing things girls and young women can do!

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What is Hats off to Rainbows?

To celebrate Rainbows 30th birthday we have created Hats off to Rainbows, to help encourage girls to try new things and make links with the jobs people do in our world. Why not invite aExplorer trio hats female firefighter, doctor or scientist to your unit meeting and show your Rainbows that they really can do anything they put their minds too.

We have created lots of fun and flexible activities to fit all levels of needs and accessibility. It’s an ideal adaptable resource which can be used either at a large scale event or just within your unit. Will your Rainbows be interested in the Creative Hat and want to create a wall mural for your meeting place? Or maybe they will want to explore the Questioning Hat and visit a local museum?

The activities, whilst being both fun and challenging are intended to encourage Rainbows to think and talk about what they already know and see the possibilities that are open to them. One of the key elements of Hats off to Rainbows is to invite people to work with your units. Talk to other Leaders, family, friends and parents; you will find there is a wealth of people in your local community who have knowledge and skills to share.

We’ve created several resources for you to use in addition to the activity pack, including a Hats off to Rainbows passport where Rainbows can keep a record of their activities. There is also a printable sticker sheet and a PowerPoint presentation for Leaders to give you some more ideas. Download the resources below to get started on your #Rainbows30 adventure!

Make sure to get in touch with us with your Rainbow birthday stories on and share photos with us on social media with #Rainbows30

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Hats off to Rainbows Case Studies

Read about how units across the country are using Hats off to Rainbows to celebrate 30 years of the section and how they are getting inspirational people from their communities involved

1st Midhurst Rainbows

Kirstin Bosley, unit Leader of the 1st Midhurst Rainbows, shares her story of how they recently celebrated 30 years of Rainbows by inviting a professional dancer, baker, adventurer and headteacher to their unit meeting.

One of the key elements of Hats off to Rainbows was to ask the Rainbows to think of inspirational women in the community that they would like to invite, and they came up with an extensive list.

Our Creative Hat visitor was Sarah-Jane Willis, former Great British Bake Off contestant; she shared her biscuit decorating skills and talked about her joy of baking.

Sally Clarke, head teacher at Midhurst Primary shared her favourite story with the Rainbows, which was all about having courage. She then led the girls in some leadership games and activities as part of the Leading Hat.

Midhurst Guide Leader Ann Ball came and showed the girls how to make a campfire as many had requested for the Adventurous Hat, they enjoyed toasting marshmallows on it and being outdoors.

A highlight for the Entertaining Hat, according to the girls, was a visit from the dancer Debbie Purves. She taught the Rainbows some dance and ballet moves before being thoroughly quizzed about her role as a Midhurst School of Dance teacher. She was asked why she liked dancing and she answered “I love the music and loved dancing so much I wanted to make it my job”.

“This has been the best Rainbow meeting ever”, a Rainbow was heard to say at the end of the Entertaining Hat meeting.

The girls got to try new things and make links with some of the jobs people do in our world. Hopefully this has encouraged the Rainbows to think and talk about what they already know and also see some of the possibilities that could be open to them in the future. We are planning for more visitors to come in and talk to the Rainbows as they have enjoyed this challenge so much.

2nd New Eltham Rainbows

Ann French, unit Leader of the 2nd New Eltham Rainbows, shares how they recently celebrated 30 years of Rainbows with geckos and Skittles.

The 2nd New Eltham Rainbows have enjoyed celebrating 30 years of Rainbows with the Hats off to Rainbows resource.

Rainbow Kara’s favourite part was going to the local library to learn about the work of a librarian for The Questioning Hat.

Learning how to look after a Gecko was really exciting for our Caring Hat.

Rainbow Annabel enjoyed The Curious Hat when we investigated chromatography using Skittles (lots of were eaten too!)

Rainbow Daisy’s favourite part was riding on the Zip Line and Jessica enjoyed it when we visited Cudham Shaws Outdoor Centre for our Active and Adventure Hats.

We also planted seeds (Peas and sun flowers), designed and ate birthday cakes, learnt circus skills, bounced on trampolines and made Ice Cream Sundae’s. Our Passports are full and we have had so much fun.

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