18-30 members: apply to represent Girlguiding LaSER on a trip to Ghana in 2020!

We've got an amazing opportunity for members aged 18-30 to represent Girlguiding LaSER during a two week volunteering experience in Ghana, Africa in July or August 2020. If you want to get involved, read on!

Ghana is a beautiful country with friendly people, stunning landscapes and unspoilt beaches. Dancing and drumming are a central way of life, and you're never far away from a beating drum. In the rural Volta region, the main industries are agriculture and fishing, and many children work with their parents to bring in income instead of receiving an education. Girlguiding LaSER has partnered with African Adventures, who are working with their partner schools to improve their facilities and encourage more children to go to school from an early age.

Girlguiding LaSER members who will be 18-30 during July and August 2020 are invited to apply for this unique volunteering opportunity. Working alongside local staff and students, you can help to support project development through the application of your existing skills - and you'll gain new skills, too!

African Adventures works with several schools in the coastal area of the Volta region of Ghana. Though these schools are run by the government, they are severely underfunded. In some classrooms, there are not enough desks for all the students, and there is a significant lack of resources like textbooks. The buildings are old and tired, the roofs have holes in them, and the floors are often filled with potholes. All of this makes it difficult for teachers to deliver safe, practical lessons. Volunteer support is crucial to improve this - and as a LaSER volunteer, you will be able to choose between assisting with teaching and running sports sessions or supporting with crucial renovation work.

As well as helping to improve access to education within a local community, you will also get the opportunity to experience culture and sustainable development in action. You will begin the middle weekend of the trip with a visit to a protected monkey sanctuary, where you will have the chance to feed Lowe's mona and black and white colobus monkeys on your shoulder before exploring the rest of the forest. In the evening you can relax and wind down at a beautiful lodge for your overnight stay, falling asleep to the sounds of rainforest wildlife. The next day, you'll take in the breathtaking sights of the tallest waterfall in Ghana, Wli Falls. If you're feeling more energetic, you can hike up Mount Afadjato, the highest point in Ghana, standing at 885m. It's hard work, but the views at the top will be worth it!

The cost of this experience will be around £2,200 depending on the number of participants. You'll be encouraged to fundraise for the opportunity, and will be eligible for grants including a region grant of up to 15%.

Ghana 2

Sound like a dream adventure?

If you'd like to be considered to represent Girlguiding LaSER on this trip, download the application form and submit it to international@girlguidinglaser.org.uk by 30 July 2019. You will then be invited to attend a selection event from 10am on Saturday 28 September until 12pm on Sunday 29 September.

Download the form
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