European Jamboree 2020

An amazing international opportunity for 72 Guides, Rangers or young leaders, plus eight adult leaders, in Girlguiding London and South East England region.

Girlguiding LaSER are sending two units to the European Jamboree in 2020 - the second largest jamboree in the world. A unit is 36 participants and 4 adult leaders. The Jamboree is taking place in Gdańsk, Poland and provides an opportunity for young people from across the world to unite in celebration of the values of scouting and guiding. There will be over 15,000 young people from more than 25 countries. And you could be part of it!

The theme of the camp is ACT! The Jamboree organising team believe every Scout and Girlguiding member possesses the potential to become a driver of social change, and they are inviting you all to come to the Jamboree and discover your power! Scout and Girlguiding members will inter-ACT with others from various cultures, of various languages and various countries. They will learn through adventures, eye-opening discussions, and inspiring workshops. They will discover their power and find out where their helping hands are needed. Scouts and Girlguiding members will have a chance to ACT using their new skills and make a change in society.

Participants must have been born between 27/07/2002 and 06/08/2006.

To find out more about the Jamboree check out

Complete the application form here and return it to by 9am on Monday 1 July 2019. Please use this email address if you have any questions.

If more than 72 young members apply, there may be a paper-based selection or day event to choose the 72 representatives. We are also looking for applications for the eight volunteer leader spaces - please apply as above.



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