Participants can be up to 26 years old, but it would be for each unit to ensure that the rules in the manual regarding over 18's sleeping arrangements are met.

This event is for all Rangers and their leaders.

You’re welcome to bring them. There may be spare badges available from the Girlguiding LaSER office.

No. You can choose when to start and finish and take in lots of sights on the way.

No but individual units may use it as a sponsored event for their own unit or favourite charity if they wish.

Unfortunately we are unable to give refunds.

No, as each group will be designing their own individual plan for the day and travel arrangements. Girlguiding event/activity forms are downloadable here.

This is a Girlguiding LaSER member’s event but parents are welcome to join you to make up the adult numbers required. If extra children accompany the parents or leaders they must be included in your adult : child ratio.

Yes, as your needs and circumstances will be individual to your group. Ask your county walking adviser, outdoor activity adviser or district commissioner for advice. The event specific risk assessment will be available on the Girlguiding LaSER website to download, which will help to inform your own group’s risk assessment.

The guidance states that there may be times when you may not be able to meet the timescale (perhaps because an opportunity arises that does not give quite enough notice). Provided you’re able to satisfy your commissioner that you can get all your planning in place and safely do the residential, you may be able to go ahead. This is called exceptional circumstances and is at the discretion of your commissioner. More information can be found here.

The adult to child ratio will be the same as for residential ratios, these are the same for the UK or abroad so for Rangers it is at least two adults present. More details can be found here.

You will get a pack with the advice and suggested options for accommodation and travel.

You must have completed, or be working towards, the Going Away With Licence. And interested leaders can gain their Going Away international module.

  • Downloadable information pack containing documents and route information, accommodation suggestions etc.
  • Event Badge.
  • Attendance at World Thinking Day event.
  • Participation in a wide game in Bruges.
  • In-country support from Region team.

Participants will pay for their own travel, food and accommodation.

Please email international@girlguidinglaser.org.uk and we may be able to register you.

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