Once you have registered your interest you will be added to our main list. In July we will send out the activity pack and details of how to confirm your booking numbers. Once you have confirmed your booking we will send final details and confirm your places.

Everyone will be encouraged to share photos and updates from their events using the hashtag #RainbowsGoWild and by tagging the region social media accounts in so that we can see and share. Please ensure you have up to date and correct photo consent for your Rainbows when sharing photographs publicly!

Region office will also create a press release and can put units in touch with their local PR Adviser to help fill this out and generate local press coverage. Please get in touch (info@girlguidinglaser.org.uk) if you have any questions regarding effectively sharing your stories with the public.

Units will need to arrange their own lunch. Some of the venues will have facilities to purchase lunch on site but please check the venue website for details.

Please wear guiding uniform. Please ensure appropriate weather clothing is worn – sun hats, sun cream, waterproofs. Comfortable footwear should be worn.

You will be required to create your own risk assessment for the visit to the zoo (etc), sleepover and traveling to and from the event. However, included in the activity pack will be an example risk assessment to support you in creating your risk assessment.

If you have anyone in your unit with accessibility requirements please inform region (info@girlguidinglaser.org.uk) who can speak to the relevant venue.

Each unit will be responsible for issuing and collecting their own consent forms and arranging their own Emergency Home Contact. If you are organising a sleepover, girls and adults will also need to fill out a health form.

There will not be a designated First Aid point; leaders will need to take responsibility for First Aid for their own unit.

Each venue has different requirements so you will be informed after booking whether you will receive a ticket.

A badge will be created for this event. Information on how to order these will be included in the pack in July.

The sleepover can take place anywhere that is suitable. Perhaps look at whether you are able to hold a sleepover at your unit meeting place. If you need some ideas, speak to your local residential adviser.

More information will be provided in the information pack in July. Please be aware that if you are combining the sleepover and the zoo visit, the girls must not be away from their parents for more than 24 hours.

We will be issuing an activity pack in July which will include activities for both the zoo (etc) visit and the sleepover. This will also include essential information for planning this event.

This event, the badge and the packs are designed for Rainbows and their unit leaders/helpers. Places may be limited at venues and Rainbows should take priority, but leaders are able to include their own children or members from other sections (for example, if you need to book a coach and require a group of a certain number) when booking tickets.

Parents are welcome to join you to make up the required adult ratio numbers.

Unfortunately, we will be unable to give refunds (unless a waiting list is in operation). If you know in advance that a/some members of your group will be unable to attend please consider transferring tickets locally, but please advise us of amendments to numbers by emailing info@girlguidinglaser.org.uk .

• The Girlguiding ratios for Rainbows are: Zoo visit - 1:5 (minimum 2 adults irrespective of size of unit)

• Sleepover – 1:4 (not including the event coordinator) with a maximum of 30 Rainbows and not exceeding 24 hours

Yes, if you have a local suitable site for this event that you would like to use with our activity pack then that is possible. You will be required to book your visit with this venue directly.

You may be able to add to your booking if the capacity for the event has not been reached; please contact the region office (info@girlguidinglaser.org.uk)

When we release the activity pack in July we will request the final participant numbers and payment. We will send you a confirmation email and a receipt once payment is received to confirm your places.

Please register your interest here. In July we will be sending you information to book your place.

On the register your interest form we will ask for your preferences on which site you would like to visit. We have 21 venues available. We believe that most Rainbow units should be able to get places at their preferred venue. However, some sites do have number restrictions so if a venue is oversubscribed we will allocate places using a ballot system.

The cost will vary depending on which site you choose. Please see the venue section of the information pack for details.

Please note:

  • Although the region will be booking your places at the zoo, no one from the region will be attending the sites so all arrangements will need to be made by the unit including transport, food, first aid, consent forms, risk assessment. The activity pack released in July will support you with your planning.
  • All payments are non-refundable unless we are able to reallocate places.

Over the weekend of 12-13 October, you will attend your local zoo (etc). You will also be invited to hold a sleepover. Whether you hold the sleepover on the Friday night and go to your chosen venue on the Saturday or hold your sleepover on the Saturday night and either go to your venue during that day or on the Sunday, it's up to you!

An opportunity for Rainbow leaders to take their Rainbows outside of their unit meeting place and arrange a sleepover, with an activity pack to support with planning which can be used again and again.

Any Rainbow unit in Girlguiding LaSER. Please note that Girlguiding policies will apply regarding large scale events (if applicable) and the sleepover event coordinator will need to have a Going Away With modules 1-4 license. Please consult the Girlguiding website or ask your local residential adviser if you are unsure.

Rainbows Go Wild is an event taking place over the weekend of 12-13 October 2019. We want as many Rainbows across the region as possible to visit their local zoo, wildlife park or aquarium.

We are also encouraging you to hold a sleepover with your Rainbows over that weekend too.

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