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Who are Girlguiding LaSER Champions? | Campaigns | Blog |What Girlguiding LaSER Champions say

Girlguiding LaSER Champions are outstanding members from our Region who are involved in regular guiding and are our best ambassadors for all the amazing things we do in Girlguiding LaSER! Girlguiding LaSER Champions are the campaigning arm of our Region and they play an important role in promoting the four key messages of Girlguiding. Alongside being brilliant role-models they create, plan and deliver campaigns about issues they feel passionate about and represent Girlguiding LaSER at events across the Region.

We have up to 20 Girlguiding LaSER Champions, aged 16-26 who spend two years in post with an option to extend for an additional year.

In 2017 the Girlguiding LaSER Champions worked on a number of campaigns including #Take10 which encouraged girls and young women to “take 10” during their exam periods and promote positive well-being, StayAwhile – a working group looking at the retention of adult member in Girlguiding LaSER and Parliament Week, a resource pack of activities promoting awareness of democracy and encouraging members to be inspired, equipped and informed on how to use their voices. Get your hands on the 2017 resource packs and the 2016 resource pack – Keep Safe (focusing on internet safety for younger members) – by clicking on the buttons below.

Find out more about the role  by clicking here.

Would you like to be a LaSER Champion? For more information email 

Who are our Girlguiding LaSER Champions?

Alice Britton from Girlguiding Greater London Kent
Anwulika Elliot from Girlguiding Middlesex North West
Becky Jones from Girlguiding London South East
Caitlin McDonagh from Girlguiding Middlesex South West
Charlie-Marie King from Girlguiding Sussex East
Emma Goodson from Girlguiding  London Over the Border
Kate Dickins from Girlguiding Kent West
Kate Roberts from Girlguiding Surrey East
Katie Jones from Girlguiding Surrey West
Larissa Kennedy from Girlguiding Croydon County
Laura Gomme from Girlguiding  Middlesex South West
Louise Hawkins from Girlguiding Middlesex East
Lucy Bunting from Girlguiding Kent Weald
Megan Leigh from Girlguiding Surrey East
Milli McQuade from Girlguiding Sussex Central

Girlguiding LaSER Champions resource packs

Keep Safe

Keep Safe is an age-appropriate, adaptable and relevant resource to help your Rainbows and Brownies find out how to stay safe while using the internet and devices with online access.

This is the perfect opportunity to bring online safety into unit setting, with games, group discussions and fun activities. Plus once you complete the activities you can order a badge!

You don’t need to access the internet at your meeting place to take part in the activities in Keep Safe.


#Take10 is a collection of activities created by the Girlguiding LaSER Champions to help support other 14-26 year olds through stressful times. It encourages members to take short ten minute breaks when there might be the temptation to keep working.

Packed full of activities such as a doodle page, simple exercise ideas, mug cake recipes, inspiration page and many more, get exam ready and download your copy today!

There are 100 printed copies of #Take10 available for The Senior Section members, please register your interest here.

Girlguiding LaSER Champion blog

Why should you vote in 2017’s general election, the Girlguiding LaSER Champions share their thoughts

I voted in the EU Referendum last June, as well as for Mayor of London, but this will be the first General Election that I have voted in. Personally, I feel that it is important to vote as historically the suffragettes took active measures to get their voices heard. Read more here..

  • Caitlin McDonagh, from Girlguiding Middlesex South West County, explains why it’s important this election to use your voice and vote on June 8:

Why should I vote? It’s a big question! Whether this is the first, second or tenth time you are able to vote, you have a vote and should use it wisely. Read more here…

What do our Girlguiding LaSER Champions have to say?

“I enjoy being able to contribute to and support campaigns, because I want everyone to achieve their potential, and campaigns such as ‘Keep Safe’ will help them stay safe while they develop their skills and experience.” (Maria Fernandes, Alumni LaSER Champion from Girlguiding Greater London West County)

“As a Girlguiding LaSER Champion I have the opportunity to make sure the voice of young members within the region is heard within the region and through our soon to be launched campaigns I hope this will be even more possible! Being part of the Girlguiding LaSER Champions is great for me personally as I have developed my public speaking skills as well made friends both within and outside of Guiding.” (Cassie Galpin, Alumni LaSER Champion from Girlguiding Sussex East/Middlesex North West County)

“I have enjoyed being part of a group who support each other, who have allowed myself to grow and develop into someone far more confident than the young woman who started a year and half ago. I continue to be a part of Girlguiding LaSER Champions as I am interested to see where our campaigns take us and the difference that our voices can make, no matter how small. It’s awesome.” (Eve Woodman, Alumni LaSER Champion from Girlguiding Middlesex North West County