Macmillan Challenge: Awareness

We asked leaders to help raise awareness of the key cancers that affect girls and women so that everyone in Girlguiding LaSER knows how to spot the signs and symptoms. Though the Macmillan Challenge is now over, we're keeping these resources up in case our members will benefit.

Many thanks to Girlguiding Midlands - the trailblazers for the Macmillan Challenge - who produced awareness resources in collaboration with Macmillan Cancer Support. These resources include section age-appropriate activities which can be run as part of a unit meeting.

— Sally Christmas, Chief Commissioner

Help with difficult conversations

This was an optional strand of the Macmillan Challenge because we know that for some girls, cancer may be a sensitive topic. To help prepare for difficult conversations, we offered the below letter to send to parents to advise them that the unit will be doing cancer-related activities. That way if they have any concerns, they are invited to talk with you.

Download letter
Mixed Group 2

Resources tailored to your section

Macmillan Cancer Support has created cancer awareness resources tailored to each section. Click below to view the resources relevant to your unit.

For Brownies and Rainbows For Guides and Rangers

Helpful resources

Signs and symptoms
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