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Mini Use Your Voice 2016 – Girlguiding LaSER’s Parliament Week 2016 resource


Mini Use Your Voice 2016 Relaunch | Mini Use Your Voice 2016 Parliament Week | Mini Use Your Voice 2016 resource

Mini Use Your Voice 2016 has relaunched for the general election

In light of the snap general election coming up on June 8 we are relaunching Mini Use Your Voice 2016! We hope this enables our members to explore different ways to be heard and helps you to encourage your units to use their voices.

This resource was originally written to coincide with Parliament Week, however all the information is still relevant and usable.

Make sure to share what you get up to on social media using #UYV2016 and #ForTheGirl.

Mini Use Your Voice 2016 badges are still available for £1.00 each – to order email with  quantity of badges and postal address.

Click here to register to vote, the deadline is 22 May 2017.


Everything you need to know about Mini Use Your Voice 2016

Use Your Voice 2016 was Girlguiding LaSER’s incredible 2-day democracy festival to mark The Senior Section Spectacular.

Girlguiding LaSER is a Parliament Week partner and during Parliament Week 2016, Nov 14 – 20 2016, all sections are encouraged to run their very own democracy festival, embracing the three strands of Use Your Voice 2016 – Inform / Equip / Inspire.

‘Mini Use Your Voice 2016’ can be used with all sections. Download the resource here, then complete some activities, adapting them as necessary according to the needs of your unit, then purchase your limited edition ‘Mini Use Your Voice 2016’ badges, which cost £1 each (plus postage), and will be available between now and Christmas.

Please share how you are celebrating ‘Mini Use Your Voice 2016’, using #UYV2016 – be sure that you have the relevant photo permissions first.

Enjoy delivering ‘Mini Use Your Voice 2016’ and showing all members how they can use their voice to bring about change!

Helen Beecher Bryant

Lead Volunteer for Advocacy and Use Your Voice 2016


Download the resource here