Helen Beecher Bryant

I'm one of the region's two Lead Volunteers for Growth & Retention, working with Girlguiding Greater London Kent, Kent East, Kent Weald, Kent West, London Over The Border, London North East, London North West, London South East, Middlesex East, and Middlesex North West counties.

Our team works with counties to support their growth work locally. This might include supporting a county commissioner to develop a growth plan, seeking out funding for development work, or advising individuals on growth ideas. We also visit counties to deliver training at growth events or to update people on the national picture.

We champion good practice, national initiatives and new ways of working to the Girlguiding LaSER adult membership, and we support implementation at a local level. We represent LaSER at national growth events and on teleconferences, feeding into current initiatives. We also provide regular articles for the Raspberry Ripple to encourage and inspire people to think alternatively when it comes to growth.

Other roles I hold in the region:

  • Trainer
  • Division Commissioner, Chislehurst Division
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