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Girlguiding London and South East Region (LaSER) is divided into 19 counties which cover Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Croydon, London and Middlesex.  We are the leading charity for girls and women with over 78,000 fantastic Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, The Senior Section and volunteers. For members over the age of 18, Trefoil Guild LaSER offers its members personal and social activities whilst supporting Guiding & Scouting.  

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A message from our Region Chief Commissioner

04 June 2015

I was asked a straight forward question last week, “Why do you volunteer?” and I couldn’t answer it. My immediate reaction was ‘because I love it’ but that response still begs the question why? Why do I enjoy volunteering? I volunteer with two completely different charities: Citizen’s Advice Witness Service (supporting witnesses giving evidence in court) and of course Girlguiding, so I asked myself what do I feel at the end of a day in court or, as was the case last weekend, at the end of an overnight camp and I came up with - ‘the knowledge that I have made a difference’. Most of us only volunteer because we want to, what a great privilege that is! If you don’t enjoy volunteering you can walk away from it and find something else to do but our retention record in Girlguiding LaSER is testament to the fun, friendship and adventure that our volunteers enjoy as much as our young members.

Our Statement of Purpose is ‘Girlguiding London and South East England offers girls and young women quality girl-led guiding opportunities, presenting challenge and adventure, which develop their potential and enable them to make a positive contribution to their community and beyond’ – lucky girls! We can only offer guiding opportunities because of the amazing, dedicated, skilled, fun loving, adventure fuelled 16,164 very special volunteers in our Region. Thank you to you all for sharing your great enthusiasm and expertise that enables us all to ‘make a difference’ in Girlguiding LaSER.
Twitter: @ PipMcKerrow

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