Our volunteers make guiding happen, and our trainers make sure they do it well. Trainers/prospective trainers are volunteers who are members of Girlguiding and want to support the learning and development of our members by helping others gain skills and knowledge. Together, we all provide quality guiding.


Training regional resources

If youโ€™re interested in becoming a trainer, you must complete the Girlguiding trainer qualification. While working towards this you will be a prospective trainer, and supported by an experienced trainer in the role of a tutor.

Become a trainer
Leader Training 2

Training days within our region

Looking to complete Safe Space or 1st Response training? Our trainers are busy hosting workshops across the region.

Find out more To find the level of training necessary for your role, visit this page, and click on the plus sign beside the words "Check the A Safe Space Training required for your role".
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