We want all girls to enjoy guiding. If you need help to enjoy all the opportunities that Girlguiding has to offer, here are the different grants we have available and how to apply.


Region grants

Chief's Memorial Fund: For international travel grants. The region has discretion regarding eligibility and application process.

Edward Legacy Fund: To help Guides and members under 35 visit Our Chalet in Switzerland.

King George VI Fund: To help members attend training at Girlguiding UK or county Training Centres.

Region Chief Commissioner's Discretionary Fund: For any guiding purpose. Applications can be made by individuals, units or an area within our region and the grant will be awarded at the discretion of the Chief Commissioner.

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Region international opportunity grants

The region often allocated grants for region international opportunities, the value of which is reviewed on a trip by trip basis by the Trustees.

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Rainbow And Leader

National grants

Girlguiding offer a variety of grants including setting up new Girlguiding and Trefoil units as well as travelling abroad.

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External opportunities

There are all sorts of other grants and funding opportunities you could apply for. Get some inspiration from blogs from our members who have been successful in applying, then get searching!

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