Girlguiding LaSER Diamond Award

An award for any member of Girlguiding, up to her 30th Birthday, who has done something exceptional, as well as being a committed member of Girlguiding

The Girlguiding LaSER Diamond Award may be given for:

  • great dedication to a charity or cause
  • caring for a relative or a Girlguiding member
  • exceptional service by a young leader or a Brownie or Rainbow helper
  • significant contribution and impact on guiding outside of an adult leader’s own unit (e.g. as a County or Region Lead Volunteer, a Peer Educator or Trainer, or someone who has shared skills with other units over a period of time.)
  • significant impact on membership growth (e.g. helping to keep units open or opening new ones)
Leader Training


An application must be:

• submitted without the knowledge of the nominee or their family

• accompanied by a fully completed application form

• accompanied by a copy of the member’s Guiding History Report

• accompanied by up to 6 letters of support from appropriate guiding and non-guiding people.

Download the application form
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Letters of support

Remember that the Awards Committee can only base its decision on the content of the letters of support. These letters should:

• give clear reasons for making the application

• include supporting evidence where relevant (for example eyewitness accounts)

• describe the nominee’s current involvement in guiding

• provide full and detailed information

Guidelines for writing a letter of support
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