Laurel award

The Laurel award celebrates exceptional service and is for any active adult member of Girlguiding.

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How do I nominate someone for a Laurel award?

Any member of Girlguiding may initiate an application for this award. Make sure you have read the full criteria and guidelines on the Girlguiding website.

The nomination needs to be discussed with the relevant commissioner. Applications should be submitted without the knowledge of the nominee or their family and be accompanied by a fully completed awards application form, a copy of the member's Guiding History Report and letters of support (no more than eight in total). Further guidance for writing a letter of support is below; if possible, the letters should not be repetitive and each should cover a different aspect of the nomineeโ€™s service. The letters should include the supporter's role/position.

Read the full criteria and guidelines Download the awards application form
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Have you got all your documents together?

If so, it's time to submit them to our awards committee.

Our awards committee meet every six months to consider nominations. Please attach the documents to an email and send them to

Email the office Guidance for writing a letter of support
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