Breakaway to Belgium

Join us for the first international wide game for all Rangers in LaSER!

Your challenge is to meet us in Brussels on Friday 22 February 2019 to celebrate World Thinking Day. On Saturday you will complete the wide game in Bruges to collect points whilst exploring the city and celebrate Rangers and World Thinking Day in style.

How you get to Brussels and when you leave the UK is up to you. You could plan to travel by train or plane, or stop in other countries on the way. You could see how many countries you can travel through, or how many different modes of transport you can use - or just come direct.

This event is for all Rangers and their leaders. The aim of this event is to encourage Rangers to be involved in the planning of their travel to and from Belgium, and for interested leaders to gain their Going Away international module. There will be training and support from your county international advisers as well as from region to enable as many groups as possible to take part in this adventure.

It costs £20 each to register to take part in this fantastic event. You will receive information about payment details later in the summer. Register your interest by 1 October to hear more updates.

For more information download the FAQs here.



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