Mission Transition

Our membership growth and retention team are hosting a day-long workshop to help you help girls make the transition between sections. We've got room for 3 delegates from each county within our region and each county will go away (application dependent) with £250 worth of seed funding to help make your membership retention ideas a reality!

We hope the day will leave your county teams refreshed and excited about putting your county growth plans into action.

The day in brief:

  • Contextualising transition: What do we mean by transition, what do the numbers say? How can seed funding help your teams achieve their goals.
  • The benefits of a county growth team.
  • Direct action in county teams.

With three breakout sessions available your county delegation will cover them all:

  • Understanding the family unit model: what is a family unit, good practice when running a family unit e.g. joint events, seeing the next section. Also include the challenges
  • The Transition Challenge: why is transition not as straightforward as it could be, ways to streamline transition (both in practical terms and in terms of data e.g. Using GO to understand transition needs and trends), volunteers working together across District, Division, County borders
  • Embracing ‘Our Journey’ and understanding how it can help to streamline transition: Exploring the new programme in the eyes of the new member, the new leader, the parent. How can the various elements come together to make the transition to the next section more meaningful?

The day will end with county teams working up their seed funding grant applications which will need to include measurable outcomes.

To apply please fill in this form. If more than 3 people apply from your county your county commissioner will be asked to make a decision on who gets allocated the places.


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