Monopoly Challenge

On October 22 & 23, we challenge everyone in LaSER to hold your own Monopoly themed event! Whilst LaSER Guides and Rangers Escape to Edinburgh, we invite you to join the challenge closer to home with an evening meeting, a day out, a sleepover or lots of monopoly themed home challenges.

On the weekend of the 22nd/23rd October 2022, or another day around that time, we invite you to hold your own Monopoly event as a unit. This event is for all members - Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Rangers, Young Leaders, Leaders, Trefoil Guilds and families.

For your Monopoly themed event, do one or more of these:

  • Have a Monopoly game evening, as a unit or as families at home
  • Create your own Monopoly board on big pieces of cardboard, creating all the locations on the board from local places to you. Perhaps you could go out and take photos of them? Create your own characters and pieces to play with, design them, or make them from Lego people. Create your own dice using polymer clay.
  • Play a fair trade trading game first to create the monopoly money
  • Visit the locations on a monopoly board and create a mini monopoly run of your own? In our Region there were monopoly boards created for these locations: London, London Underground, Brighton and Hove, East Grinstead and Kent which you could base your game on.
  • Create your own local monopoly run finding places local to represent each of the locations on the board. Eg Electric Car charging point for Electric Company, Swimming pool for Water works, Car park for car parking or Roads with similar names to those on the board.
  • Eat your away around the board by creating a meal of food associated with the different squares. For example Old Kent Road - Jellied eels, Vine street – grapes/grape juice, Angel – angel delight, Regents Street – a Royal Pudding
  • Have a fancy dress party where you come dressed a something from the monopoly game
  • Get a local street map and see how many streets with the same name/part of names on the board you can find
  • Get a map of your local area and design your route around the city to get to all the places – how would you travel, how long do you think it would take?
  • Anything else you can come up with ….

The event badge will be available on our online shop from September and can be awarded to anyone who takes part.

Share what you got up to on social media using the hashtag #LaSERMonopoly or in your local county newsletters/websites.

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