Guiding Conversations - Bereavement

Girlguiding LaSER has worked with Hospice UK and a host of other charities to create a 'Guiding Conversations' resource that leaders can use to navigate discussions about death, dying, grief & loss in the unit meeting place.

Rainbow And Leader 2


We live in a society where adults often avoid talking about death, grief, loss and bereavement for fear of causing upset, or because these conversations can be difficult or uncomfortable.

Regardless of cultural barriers we might put in place to protect ourselves, these issues are a part of our lives and young people will come into contact with them and may need help understanding them or support with what they're going through.

The aim of this guiding conversation is to normalise grief, loss and bereavement. We hope that the information and advice will help leaders feel more able to talk about these things, whether in the context of a general conversation about these topics or because the girls and young women in their unit may be experiencing bereavement.

Download the resource here
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