Megan Swann

Megan is the Vice-President of The Magic Circle, the world's most prestigious magic society! Megan is available for large face to face events.

"The two things I am most passionate about are magic and nature. I want to inspire more girls to love both as much as I do, and show them that young women can be successful even in a male dominated field!"

- She is the first woman and youngest-ever person to be elected as an officer of The Magic Circle.

- She has a degree in wildlife conservation and combines this knowledge with magic in her unique Environmental magic show, inspiring children to save the planet.

Megan's magic works best at larger in-person events, so she would prefer to be invited to these.

Jnr Environmental Champions 0843

See what magic Megan is making!

You can follow Megan on Twitter @MeganSwannMagic.

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