10 Tuesday: Top 10 reasons to do your Queen's Guide award

Written by The Hive team

Every year, dozens of young women aged 16-25 take on the challenge of the Queen’s Guide award - the highest award you can work towards in guiding. It is an action-packed programme including an outdoor excursion and 60 hours of service to guiding. Here at The Hive, we think it's a great opportunity for members to take on, so we've made a list of 10 reasons to convince you to take part too!

1. It has a balanced and exciting programme

The programme consists of five elements: Service in Guiding, Outdoor challenge, Community action, Skill development and the Residential experience. Throughout these five areas you have to show both commitment and determination whilst working either on your own or as a team. One week you could be trekking in Cornwall, the next you might decide to organise a litter pick in your local area!

2. It is highly respected by employers

Because the award involves so much, it is a good way to show employers that you are organised and have determination. It is also a fantastic way to display that you can take your initiative and use it to solve problems. You can develop your leadership skills during it too!

3. It’s the highest award in Girlguiding

The Queen’s Guide award is the highest award you can work towards in guiding. It is an impressive way to show your commitment to guiding (and it’s something to show off about!). You get a certificate and a lovely silver badge to wear - so everyone knows you’re a Queen’s Guide.

4. You can develop skills

For Personal skill development, you have to develop a skill for 60 hours over a period of 12 months. This could be anything from horse riding to singing, dancing to gardening. As long as you can show that you are working towards goals throughout the year, and that it will develop you as a person, you can do anything!

5. You are able to contribute to guiding at different levels

Doing your Queen’s Guide is a good way to get involved with guiding at different levels. You could join your region's youth panel (Girlguiding LaSER has the Champions!) or volunteer for a working group on a UK-wide event. This means you can meet new people at different stages of their guiding journey and get advice on where you can go next.

6. It's a great way to make memories

As you are doing so many different activities and meeting so many new people, there will always be lots of funny and memorable moments. Like walking through fields in the pouring rain on your expedition or cooking up a storm on your residential - whatever you do, we can guarantee that you will make lasting memories that will stay with you for a lifetime!

7. It will build your confidence

You have to take charge of your own award and speak to new people to organise elements. As you take on all the challenges that come your way and think of ways to get around them, your confidence will build!

8. You develop your teamwork skills

What better way to bond as a team than by being attacked by seagulls as they dive for your ice-creams during your exploration to Devon? Or how about pulling together as a leadership team in your unit to deliver the best World Thinking Day meeting you could imagine? If you do your Queen’s Guide award, you will develop the skills you need to become both a fantastic leader and a team member who will help ensure that your team come out on top.

9. You will join a fantastic community

Once you become a Queen’s Guide, the fun doesn’t stop there! You become part of a privileged group of members who can go on to share their experiences with others (or even become a mentor/adviser themselves).

10. And last but not least… it’s fun!

Whilst it is definitely quite tricky, doing your award is so much fun! We can guarantee that even in the most stressful moments, you will still be laughing and enjoying yourself because it's all worth it in the end.

Have we convinced you to start your award? Or do you want to find out more about this incredible opportunity? Visit the Girlguiding website here to get started!

Are you doing your award and want to share your experiences? Let us know on our Facebook and Instagram channels.

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