A rewind of 2020 for The Hive

Written by The Hive Team

What a year! We know that everybody will be reflecting on 2020- and we’re no different! But we think that there are lots of positive outcomes that we have achieved over the past year. We want to walk you through The Hive’s 2020 and point out some of our best bits…

January: We kicked off the year with some fantastic suggestions for resolutions that are easy to keep and then we delved straight into ‘Self Care’ as our badge of the month. Rai talked us through her work with MORSBAGS and we featured some pictures of her ‘in-action’ making them!

February: Shrove Tuesday twist time! After this, we had an inspiring blog about facing challenges as a Young Leader and the courage it takes in overcoming them. We also celebrated LGBT+ History month and learnt about the origins of the celebration as well as the problems the LGBT+ community faces today.

March: The country went into lockdown- and we saw a HUGE increase in the number of fantastic blogs being written for us! We had our ‘Entrepreneur’ Badge of the Month and Kirsty shared another fantastic Guiding story about how being a volunteer helped her during a hard time in her life.

April: Get ready to hear about ‘Wellies and Wristbands’ and ‘Forgotten Female Pioneers’! Izzy shared five ways to chill out online with us, which we all found really helpful as the lockdown wore on… Earth Day was soon upon us and we pledged to take action to help the climate.

May: Corrine shared her ‘Little Lockdown Tips’ and Maya shared how Chatham South district was helping their local NHS trust by creating and distributing PPE. It was World Bee Day which we, of course, absolutely loved! LaSER partnered up with FareShare so our Badge of the Month was themed on their badges and helping to reduce food waste.

June: Applications to join our admin team opened up and the Ranger ‘Women’s Rights’ interest badge was our Badge of the month. We also had a blog about Guiding adventures abroad with a round up

July: We had a celebration of a whole year of the Badge of the Month series! One of our fantastic members also set-up ‘The Lighter News’ to focus on some of the more positive stories happening in the world.

August: Ayushi told us about Raksha Bandhan and how she was celebrating it this year. We started our brand new ‘Hidden Histories’ series (more of this next year!) and our Woman of the Month was about ‘The Witch Who Saved A Village’. We also held a poll and changed the design/colours of our social media pages and launched our first ever competition!

September: We launched our ‘Book Club’ and ‘Mental Health Experiences’ blog series- these were both super popular as we looked for things to do after the Summer Holidays and the uncertainty of the year continued.

October: Sports Week was upon us and we celebrated with a variety of blogs and social media challenges to encourage everyone to take care of both their physical and mental health. We then decided on the WINNERS of our anthology, who got their fantastic pieces published too!

November: This month was really busy for us! The country went into another lockdown, so we wrote a blog on how to stay motivated for lockdown 2.0 and Eve continued her ‘Sensational Cinema Club’ series. We had another fantastic Woman of the Month blog and, along with the rest of LaSER, celebrated UK Parliament Week. AND our anthology was finally published! 'Survival'

December: The end of another fantastic year for The Hive and a chance to reflect on a year like no other… We had an instalment of ‘Hidden Histories’ about Fannie Lou Hamer and gave ideas for our Christmas Scavenger Hunt! Abbie told us about her brilliant Mental Health Project and we reflected both on how to enjoy the upcoming festive period and the positives of a (at times) quite tricky year.

So as we prepare to leave 2020 behind, we want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has written for us, shared/liked/commented on our posts, took part in our competition & week-long events, read our blogs and just generally been a fantastic member of The Hive! We couldn’t have done it without you all and we are so looking forward to what the next year will bring for us…

The Hive Team x

Ps. Here’s our very own pub quiz if you want something to do for the new year!

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