Badge of the Month - Blogging (Rangers)

Written by Hive Team

The start of a new month means the start of a new series, one we're very excited about...

Each month we're going to feature a 'Badge of the Month' that Hive members can try together. The idea is that even though we're an online group, we can still all come together to do the same thing and share our experiences, tips and thoughts on it.

For our first badge of the month, we're diving into the new programme and focusing on the 'Blogging' badge, which is a Rangers interest badge. It seems fitting for it to be our first badge as we're still growing the Hive and want as many people as possible to get blogging and love it, whether you share your blog with us or start one all of your own! Plus, if you're looking for a Christmas holiday project, this could be the perfect thing to have a go at.

We've set out the syllabus below and would love it if you gave it a go and updated us with your progress. Plus, once you've completed the badge and written your blogs, you might like to send them into us to be featured on the Hive! Some of the Hive admins are giving it a go, so be sure to look out for the results.

Blogging Badge

1. Tackle the trolls

Sometimes bloggers get negative and hurtful comments from trolls – people who go out of their way to be cruel.

Choose a blogger who writes about something you’re interested in, and find some examples of how they deal with troll issues. Without focusing on the negative comments, record examples of how the blogger overcame the problem. Then, using your examples, make a list of top tips, showing the different approaches your blogger uses. What are the positives and negatives for each approach?

2. Prepare your platform
There are lots of blogging platforms you can use to create your own blog. Some have pre-made templates and features you can use to create a fun and interesting website. Find a blogging platform and customise your site to how you like it. Think about who your audience is, the personality and image you want to get across and the content you’re going to display.

3. Get blogging
You can blog about anything you want - but being unique is good. It’s also important to blog on a topic you’re interested in.

Write 5 blog posts on whatever topic you want, and you don't have to put them online.

Read the full syllabus and some more tips on the Girlguiding website, here.

Got the blogging bug? Send some to us and you'll get a Hive badge too! That's two badges for the price of one. It's a win-win.

Even if you don't send them into us, we'd love to know what you're writing blogs about. Blogging can be about anything and everything - just look at the variety we've already had on the Hive! Plus it could lead to great things... Hive admin Kat has a blog for her book reviews and has even been sent a couple of books for free from publishers to review!

Got an idea for our January Badge of the Month? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

Happy badging!

The Hive Team

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