October Badge of the Month: Protesting

Written by Charlotte Allen

Each month we're going to feature a 'Badge of the Month' that members of The Hive can try together. The idea is that even though we're an online group, we can still all come together to do the same thing and share our experiences, tips and thoughts on it.

For our fourth Badge of the Month, we are going to focus on ‘Protesting’, which is a Rangers interest badge. We often see things we don’t agree with - both in the real world and in the media. But how do we tackle them and, more importantly, how do we do this safely?

One great issue to protest about is climate change, but protesting doesn't necessarily mean going out onto the streets. You could join the fight against global warming through Girlguiding, by making your #PlasticPromise and checking out our recent blogs about being eco-friendly!

We've set out the syllabus below and would love it if you gave it a go - you could send pictures of your protest to our Facebook and Instagram channels.


1. To buy or not to buy

Think about something you want to boycott – it could be a type of product, unethical corporation, place or media outlet. Boycott it for a week, then share your thoughts – take a look at these ideas for inspiration. Explain the impact you think you made. If more people joined you, what influence would you have?

2. How to protest safely

Make a guide for young people on how to protest safely. You can decide who this guide is aimed at. When making your guide, think about relationships with people at the protest:

  • The other protesters - peaceful and non-peaceful.
  • The people you’re protesting against.
  • The police and protest marshals.
  • The media.
  • General public.

How should you treat them? How should they treat you? Look at organisations like Green & Black Cross for ideas.

3. Make your own protest

Pick an issue that’s important to you, and use alternative protesting methods to protest in as many creative ways as you can. For example, letter writing, posting on social media, wearing symbols or making displays. You can protest inside or outside - it's up to you!

Read the full syllabus and get some more tips on the Girlguiding website here.

Got an idea for our next Badge of the Month? Let us know on our Facebook and Instagram!

Happy badging.

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