Being our best – Girlguiding’s plan for 2020

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‘Our plan for 2020 is rooted in the voices of thousands of people. It brings together their vision for girls and for Girlguiding at its best’.

Girlguiding approached thousands of its members, parents, staff and external stakeholders, and asked them: What will girls and young women want and need in 2020? What should Girlguiding be doing that is different in 2020?

What resulted, was an ambitious plan to empower more girls to find their voice and be their best through high-quality, girl-led programmes delivered by inspirational Leaders. Have a look at ‘Being our best’ – Girlguiding’s plan for 2020!

Being our best consists of four themes as part of its strategy: Excellence, Access, Voice and Capacity.


Girlguiding wants to offer every member the very best opportunities to develop their potential. We believe girls deserve a first-class, modern programme that reflects their needs.

Opportunities we offer will be reviewed and updated to ensure that the programme will challenge our girls as well as making sure adventure is part of the fun every girl enjoys in guiding.

More support will also be given to volunteers to be inspiring role models and to help them deliver excellence for girls.


Girlguiding is aware of the life-changing benefits guiding can provide to girls and young women and they want to grow and shout out more about what makes guiding great.

This theme is about widening the access to guiding and reaching out to new communities that traditionally haven’t had a presence in guiding. This can be achieved by welcoming girls from different backgrounds and shouting out about the benefits of guiding, in order to inspire more girls and volunteers to join.


Girlguiding wants to empower girls and young women to speak out and make a difference, both inside guiding and in the wider world.

We want to see more girls taking part in social action and we are working towards developing more girl-led campaigns. To show that girl’s voices matter, Girlguiding will involve girls in their decision-making at every level of the organisation where they will be given the opportunity to influence the direction of the charity.

By continuing to examine issues affecting the lives of girls in the annual Girls Attitudes Survey Girlguiding aims to be experts on what girls and young women in the UK think.


It is important to have a good foundation for strong structures, processes and decision-making in order to deliver excellent guiding for all girls.

Girlguiding aims to ensure the financial stability of the charity, to find staff with the right skill sets and abilities, as well as making sure efficient systems are set up for staff members and volunteers.

By strengthening these important functions, Girlguiding can experience less administrative pressure and focus on delivering a first-class programme for its members.

As a valued member of Girlguiding, we encourage you to take a look at the full plan and think about how you can implement these strategies into your guiding life.

Read Cassie Galpin’s, chair of Girlguiding LaSER Champions, blog about how Girlguiding LaSER Champions have applied the 2020 plan into what they do!

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