Blanket Badge Tour

Written by Ellie Barton

Hi, today I wanted to do a blanket badge tour! As members of Girlguiding we all have a huge badge pile, that we dread sewing on… which is why I wanted to do this blog, so I can look through my badges and think about all the cool things I did to get the badges!

Throughout my time in guiding, I’ve been a rainbow, brownie, guide, ranger and young leader! Although I’ve recently started my Queens Guide Award too. This means I’ve had lots of different opportunities to earn badges, and today I want to talk about my favourite from each and why. I you look through your badges we’d love to hear some of your favourite’s.


Surprisingly I remember a lot from rainbow’s, it seems so long ago! My favourite has to be this orange badge ‘rainbows across the world’ I can’t find anything about it, so I think it’s a region or county badge.

I remember our leader telling us that some rainbows are called ‘sunflowers’ in Mexico and ‘sparks’ in Canada. We made little rainbow cut-outs and coloured them to match the uniforms across the world!

Img 5195


From brownies my most memorable badge was the ‘growing up wild at the seashore’ badge. For this badge we went to a sleepover in the guide hall in the mars. I remember being scared to go as I was the only one in my unit going so, I didn’t know anyone.

By time I had settled in and set up my camp bed I had already made a ton of new friends! We had a projector on the wall and watched a film before bed. The next day we got to to the beach, build sandcastle and vest the lifeguard centre.

Img 5196


My favourite badge from guides has to be party planner and the go for it parties’ badge! I remember my patrol picking to work on this badge so we could plan our units Halloween party. We spoke to our leaders to agree on a date, then got started choosing what we wanted to do. We had a few games set up and turned a cupboard into a mini haunted house. It ended up being fun and we all seemed to enjoy it.

Img 5216


one badge I loved getting in rangers was the wellies and wristbands 2019. This was the last big event before covid, and my first event as a ranger. We had such fun! I’m sure our leader didn’t appreciate our late-night talks, telling us to stop talking at 1am but it was these moments I felt closest to these girls, and will forever be grateful for these nights.

We went ziplining, painted our nails and had so much fun watching all the performance’s and even meeting some of the artists.

Img 5214

Young leader

My favourite badge as a young leader was the growing up wild outdoor homes badge. I ran this meeting as part of my young leader qualification! We had plant pots, leaves, twigs, pinecones and some grass which we put all together to make some bug houses. The girls all seemed to really enjoy doing this and seeing all the smiles and laughs made me so happy to see.

Outdoor Homes A87A099D1062E267B2529E6F56187745

Queens guide award

While working on my Queens Guide Award I got the chance to design this badge; it was for a sleepover cruise held by Kent East County. I got to do a few other things while working on this sleepover, but the badge was my highlight! Especially after hearing my nan saw a brownie with, it on their uniform, and seeing my own brownies wearing it on their jumpers.

Image 123927839

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