Book of the Month: Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard

Written by Lois Hilton

Hello bookworms! Welcome back to another blog with another book 😊. This month, I chose a book that I read a little while ago, but thought would be a good one to talk about. I hope you like it!

Beautiful Broken Things is a book about two best friends, inseparable and deeply connected. When a third comes a long, Suzanne, they start to grow apart as Caddy changes towards Suzanne. This leads them into danger and upset, and really is a compelling story.

Barnard doesn’t just cover girl friendships and betrayal; she also covers peer pressure and the desire to be loved by others. This book is relatable on many levels, and I would call it a light read, with deeper meanings and discovery to places we don’t delve into often. These are things like being second best to you best or feeling like the odd one out. Personally, I could relate to this on many levels, in ways that I never have with books.

This was the first book I read of hers, and the connection I felt with the characters was strong: I felt it all with them, right down in my heart. The way she did it was beautiful, especially with who the characters are and the nature of it. She tackled quite prominent issues just with the relationship with the reader, which was different to what I previously saw. I also felt even I couldn’t decide a side, or who to be with, which is certainly something.

However, unfortunately, there were some aspects I didn’t quite like. I felt, personally, that I wasn’t as drawn into the book as I have been with other ones. This may be because of the time frame I read it in, or just my usual type of book. I also felt a little confused with the chapters and sections: it was a little hard to see the point of the sections, and how they came in. Apart from that, I enjoyed it.

I would totally recommend reading this book as a light read, whether you read constantly or dip in and out of books. Either way, every teenager should read it.

I hope you liked my review! Don’t forget that if you have a book that you love and enjoyed, you can send them in. I would love to hear them! Here is a link to find out more information:

Happy reading and I’ll see you next month! 😊

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