Brownie Poppie explores her rights with a letter to the Queen

Written by Poppie, Brownie

Dear Queen Elizabeth,

My name is Poppie and I am a Brownie. I am in section three of MY RIGHTS badge. I have been challenged to write a thank you letter to somebody who defends my rights, so that I can thank them. In section one, 'Hunt', I made a kit and put in objects to symbol my rights. In section two I decorated my kit with the names and pictures of the people who defend my rights. I could have written this letter to one of my friends or to my teacher but I always write to them so I chose you, anyway I think you're more exciting!

These are some of the rights I think you defend for the country and how:


By supporting the government in decisions made about how the country is run.

By giving out medals and awards for really good behaviour, bravery, and hard work to praise others that protect us.

By visiting other countries and welcoming leaders of other countries to keep good relationships to stop wars an share information.

Well done on meeting the famous Mr Trump, that must have been an experience! I hope the dorgis were on their best behaviour and that Donald didn't surf into the palace in swimming trunks singing 'Surfing USA'!!

Here is a picture of what I think your bed is like. I hope you smile at these pictures, I enjoyed drawing them for you.


Yours sincerely, Poppie, age 7.

P.S) my birthday is on the 22nd of September and I'm having an Alice in Wonderland tea party!

I enjoyed writing my letter to the Queen, it felt special because she is someone I admire and I think she is very kind and glamorous. The Queen does lots of good deeds for the country and I thought it would be a nice gesture to thank her for all her hard work as part of completing "My Rights" badge. I thought I would include all the serious bits and try to make her laugh and smile with my funny pictures. I found out that the Queen's dogs were called Vulcan and Candy and that they are called dorgis rather than corgis, I thought this was very interesting. When I received the letter, I felt excited and like squealing with delight, I had hoped to receive a reply but never imagined it would actually happen. It was like a dream come true!

— Poppie
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