Clare's adventures in guiding

Written by Clare Wild

Hi girls and guiding,

Here is my fully written up blog for you.

Where shall I start? I am Clare Wild and I have been in Girlguiding all my life. I am now 30 years old. It has been one long whole adventure. I started at the very beginning as a Rainbow 🌈 and then Brownies. I had lots of friendships. Then I moved up to Guides.

And what a fantastic way to be. I was moved very quickly. The leader I had at the time was Diane, her name was Poppy. Most of the leaders I had were named after flowers 💐

She made all my memories fun and (adventures) out there!!! From camping to making new friends and going to different places. I made my promise as a Guide.

Then I thought to keep on going after a while of life experiences. 🙃

I was training as a leader for a couple of years and had to stop because of health reasons but I am now back as a Brownie leader in training and trying to complete my A Safe Space training.

I'd love to thank all the lovely ladies and volunteers out there! Poppy (Diane), Angela for kindness and getting me back in, and Sarah who has been guiding me as a leader.

Without you, I'd be lost. And I'm still overwhelmed so I'd love to thank you all.

Happy memories in leading and Girlguiding,


Here are some photos from guide camp when I was at Guides. Some of these photos are also of girls from camp that year, and from when I was a leader. My original Guides badge when I made my promise and my new name tag. And my sister and myself after she finished Brownies.

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