Fantastic Resources to Celebrate UKPW 2020!

UK Parliament Week 2020 starts today! Last year over 1.2 million people took part in over 11,800 activities in every region and nation of the UK, and countries all over the world. This includes our very own Ayushi who wrote a blog about her experience of going round parliament. We think this is a fantastic event to get involved with, so we have made a list of some amazing resources that we think you should check out...

Getting started:

Need some inspiration? Not sure where to start? Check out the UKPW list of ten things you can do to kick-start your celebrations. These include watching debates, registering to vote and even starting your own campaign! This can be found here.

An online tour of the Palace of Westminster:

Ever wondered what it would be like to wander through the Commons Chamber, Lords Chamber and Central Lobby? You can now take a guided, 360-view virtual tour where a presenter will give a fascinating talk on the history of parliament - with time for questions at the end (available here).

Brilliant bunting:

The UKPW team have made a bunting template for you to try out, so you can hang it proudly wherever you please and let everyone know how you’re celebrating this week! If you applied for a resources pack last year, you may still have the bunting (somewhere) to put up at home too! Find the pattern here.

What to find out more about the processes that happen during parliament?

If you’re confused about the ‘goings-on’ in parliament or want to know about what happens in more detail, check out these bite-sized videos which walk you through lots of amazing aspects of parliament!

The Hive:

Never fear, our blogs are here! As always, we have lots of blogs on the themes of Parliament, Voting and Rights as well as the experiences of our members who have been lucky enough to go round the Houses of Parliament too! They can be found here.

We want to hear how you are getting on with your UKPW activities and you can even earn an amazing badge for your efforts if your blog is published on our website! Check out the UK Parliament website here and tell us what you think and what you're up to on Facebook and Instagram.

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