Deadline extended!! Feature in The Hive's first creative competition!

Written by The Hive

We know our members are a creative bunch, so we want to showcase your talent by running The Hive's first creative competition!

We're challenging you to create and submit a piece of creative work based on our theme. For our first competition, The Hive team have chosen the theme of 'survival'. 'Survival' can mean any number of things and we want you to interpret it however you want. It could focus on the events of this year, inspire a dystopian work, be uplifting, raise awareness for a campaign, be meaningful, inspired by a moment in your life, humourous... the only limit is your imagination! All 12 chosen winners will feature in an online anthology, which will be shared with everyone on our channels, as well as through Girlguiding LaSER. Winners will also get an exclusive prize bundle 🤩

We want to grow our Hive! Entries to our creative competition are open to EVERY member of Girlguiding aged 14-30 in the UK. You don't have to be part of Girlguiding LaSER to enter, you can come from any country in any region. We've chosen to do this as we would love to invite members from other regions to share our unique space and get the opportunity to flex their creativity!

Fancy getting involved? Here's what you need to know...

What are you looking for? Written work (fiction & non-fiction, in any form), photos, or artwork created by members on the theme of 'survival'. See more details.

Who can enter? Every member of Girlguiding aged 14-30 in the UK

What's the deadline? Entries must be in by 11.55 pm on Friday 3rd October 2020

How do I enter? Send your work to, following the guidelines in this blog.

Judging criteria

Submissions will be judged according to the following criteria. Each element is weighted equally.

  • Impact: This is the sense we get upon viewing or reading something for the first time. Compelling works evoke laughter, sadness, anger, pride, wonder or another intense emotion
  • Creativity: Based on our theme of ‘Survival’, we want to see an original and exciting expression of your imagination to convey an idea, message or purpose
  • Storytelling: Your ability to communicate to the viewer/reader and evoke our imagination
  • Technique: How was the work created?

For photography, we’ll look for lighting, posing, framing and overall composition. For written word submissions, we’ll look for descriptive and emotive language, and your choice of creative structure. Artwork technique (physical & digital) will be judged on your selection, skill with and application of materials, or the complexity/level of digital methods used.

Spelling and grammar will not be a core part of the judging criteria. However, if your work contains text in any way we would encourage you to make use of software to support your work (such as Spellcheck or Grammarly) before you submit.

All entries will be considered equally by the judges and we will ensure a fair spread of written and visual content in the winners anthology.

Time to get creative!

We hope you're as excited about this competition as we are. We can't wait to see what you're inspired to create and share with us and for us to show how creative young people are! For more details including how to format your submission, what you need to include with your submission and other info, please have a read through of our entry guidelines blog.

We'll be sharing more details on our social media channels over the next few weeks, as well as encouraging everyone to get involved! If you know someone that would love to take part, make sure you tag, share, comment, DM, pigeon post or do everything you can to show them.

Good luck, and have fun!

The Hive team

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