Friday at Journey Camp

Written by Kirsty Minnis

Day two at Journey Camp started off in blazing sunshine - hats, suncream and lots and lots of water were in order as Guides began exploring our six camp zones: Take Action, Express Myself, Have Adventures, Be Well, Skills for My Future and Know Myself.

After a delicious breakfast (hello eggy bread!) - hundreds of Guides were out and about exploring the brand new programme. From frisbee golf to tree climbing, lip balm making to seated volleyball, escape rooms to hot chocolate - as well as visits to the shops for ice pops and sweets.

Leaders didn't miss out on the fun either - with sessions on backwoods cooking and tent skills, and also training on the new programme (which we're all loving!)

The day ended with our most popular event of the day - the silent disco. The rain had stopped (ish), and the girls were dressed in neon and ready to go. If you've never been to a silent disco, I can assure you - they are anything but! Guides raced into the marquee, headphones on, and the dancing and singing began! What a way to end the day.

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