Girl Guides could win the Hunger Games (and defeat Voldemort, solve mysteries, and walk into Mordor)

Written by Madeleine Perham

‘It’s your destiny hero! You must do the brave and extraordinary thing!’

‘But I don’t know how!’

‘Well, can’t you make a campfire on your journey? Can’t you work alongside nature to keep it safe as you travel? Can’t you innovative and build useful tools? Seriously, can’t you even whittle?’

After seventeen years of camping, I think all adventure stories should star Girl Guides. Our combination of practical outdoor skills, knowing what delicious combinations of food taste best after roasting on the fire (tortillas, chocolate and marshmallows anyone?) and teamwork skills make us perfect adventurers. Plus, new interest badges like protesting, vlogging and whittling make us ready for pretty much any situation.

Think of mystery stories like Murder Most Unladylike or From the Desk of Zoe Washington for Brownies and Guides, or A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder for Rangers: all these stories need their heroines to explore through key locations, or decode the witnesses’ stories. The Communication skills builders are perfect for finding the real story – there’s even investigation sections built in! For combing through crime scenes, anyone who’s had to find a missing badge on a muddy campsite can find evidence in a snap.

Or think about stories where the heroes go on an epic journey, like Lord of the Rings or The Girl of Ink and Stars. The heroes set off on walks that can last a whole book or even three, but a Girl Guide could probably finish the story in a few pages. The Explorer skills builders are all about how to travel (whether you’re geocaching or taking a paper map), and once you’ve put up your first tent the perils ahead won’t be quite so nervewracking (also, anyone who’s done a Performing Arts badge could absolutely beat Gollum at his legendary riddles. Just saying)

Voldemort? The Book Lover’s badge means every Brownie knows how to use Expelliarmus. The Hunger Games? Thankfully fictional, but there are still archery courses at the Guiding Centres if you want to channel your inner Katniss.

As Guiding folk we have skills for grand futures, but also glorious stories. There’s no escapades you can’t solve with some clever thinking, a well-packed camping bag and, of course, your Guide badges.

Can you think of any stories you could solve with your Guiding skills? Add them in the comments below!

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