Girlguiding Greater London West county needs your help

You may be aware that Heyswood campsite, owned and run by Girlguiding Greater London West county, is under threat and is at risk of losing up to 5 acres due to planned access changes devised by Atkins on behalf of Highways England.

The proposed plans by Atkins to access the site through a new left-hand slip road from the Painshill Roundabout to the A3 southbound will impact the site negatively, not only to its natural environment but also to Heyswood's safeguarding risk due to the proximity of the proposed two-way road to the camping area. This, in turn, would result in high-cost implications as the site would have to relocate many buildings and outhouses as well as screen off areas to comply with safeguarding regulations.

The alternative option proposed by Heyswood for a new road, which would run alongside the A3 until it reaches the site entrance, would be our preferred option. Safeguarding is our top priority and we believe this option will maintain a safe site by limiting the view the public would have of the campsite areas. The current proposal by Atkins which impacts the campsite will not only be detrimental to Heyswood's safeguarding risk, but also to the girl’s enjoyment of the site; their membership money and adult volunteering hours will be spent, not on them, but on avoidable relocation costs and admin. Heyswood wants to continue offering girls easy access to the ancient woodland and fund activities to engage them in the natural world.

Help us help Heyswood by:

  1. Adding your name to our petition here.
  2. Writing in to object to the proposed plans by Atkins and supporting the plans laid out by Girlguiding Greater London West county by Friday 14 December.

For the postal address and extra information please download the full information sheet here and map here.

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