Girlguiding LaSER Champions on Being our best!

By 2020, we will empower more girls to find their voice and be their best through high-quality, girl-led programmes delivered by inspirational leaders.

I am a part of the Girlguiding LaSER Champions: we are a group of The Senior Section members who exist to promote Girlguiding in our Region as well as having the opportunity to speak out on matters that are important to them.

We decide how we can best represent girls and young women in Girlguiding LaSER, as well as the activities and training that we receive ourselves. We are an evolving group: changing as our Girlguiding LaSER Champions do.

Being our best is Girlguiding’s strategic plan for 2020, although it seems ambitious it takes just a little time to break it down to realise what you already do and areas that we can all improve to be our best!


Encouraging development and building confidence is an integral part of being a Girlguiding LaSER Champion. We work hard to make sure that all of our members take part in different training opportunities and get the chance to go to high profile events. We support our members to develop their confidence at their own pace.


Our group is open to all members of The Senior Section across our Region, and is especially good for young women who are moving across or out of Region for University or work. Girlguiding LaSER Champions remain available as an option to stay a part of Girlguiding when members might have to cut down on the amount of weekly volunteering they do.


Being a Girlguiding LaSER Champion is all about getting your voice heard. Our members have been on radio and national TV talking about Girlguiding. The Girlguiding LaSER Champions are an important group for inputting into planning for events and opportunities. Girlguiding LaSER regularly consults us on how best to engage The Senior Section on what they want and need, as well as the Girlguiding LaSER Champions coming up with our own ideas such as Keep Safe.


We recruit regularly for more members of the Girlguiding LaSER Champions and we are an extremely flexible and adaptable group. We have recently been working on raising our profile to make sure everyone knows we are here!

Going forward I think that the Girlguiding LaSER Champions will continue to work hard to make sure that we truly represent the voices of the members in the Region. We should make sure that our impact is excellent, especially at trainings and outside opportunities for Girlguiding LaSER’s young women.

Why not see how you can apply Being our best in your unit?

Cassie Galpin

Chair of Girlguiding LaSER Champions

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