How to get into baking

Written by Lois Hilton

Over lockdown, as well as other hobbies, I’ve got into baking. I’ve always loved baking but haven’t always had the time. Whether it is because it’s nice to make something that gives satisfaction, or because I’ve always had a sweet tooth, I’ve made various baked goods, as part of camps or just to past time. Here are a few ways on how you can get into baking.

1. Do some recipe browsing

If you know what you want to bake, or have no idea, going on a website or looking at a recipe book is a great way to find out what you would like to make. I personally like looking on BBC Good Food, which has a range of recipes suitable for all diets, and preferences. You might find a cake that you’ve always loved, or a new bake to try out. When looking, make sure to keep a note of the ones that you would like to make, so that in the future, you won’t have to remember or rummage through to find it.

2. Decide your first bake

Have a little look at the selection of recipes you’ve chosen: are there any you want to specifically make? Make sure that you choose an easy recipe to start with- I’ve made the mistake before of choosing a hard one, and then it going wrong. Start easy and work your way up. BBC Good Food shows you how hard or easy it is to make, if you use that website. Otherwise, maybe have a quick read through of the recipe. If you’re stuck, have a little look at this simple yet delicious cookie recipe from Girlguiding Newcastle: I’ve made these cookies many times since and they are absolutely lovely. Here is the link: .

3. Deicide when you’re going to make them and buy the ingredients

Choose a day and roughly time when you want to bake, when you’re free and aren’t busy. This doesn’t have to be specific, but just so that if you take longer than expected, you don’t have to rush off and leave halfway through. Most recipes will tell you how long they roughly take to make and cook, but they don’t always go to plan! Then, once you know roughly when, buy the ingredients, making sure that the best before date is before you’re going to make them.

4. Bake it and taste it!

Get cooking! Make what you’ve chosen, taste it, and also (even if it is so nice you want to eat it all yourself) share with your friends and family. Then, review what you have made: did you like it? What could you do to make it better? Don’t be too hard on yourself: remember that you can always try again if it doesn’t work out how you want it to! Ask your friends and family their opinion: you might hate it, they might love it.

5. Keep all the recipes you love

After you bake, consider whether you would want to make it again in the future. If you do, make sure to wither keep a note of the recipe, or bookmark it, so you can always come back to it. Over time, you’ll have built up your own little recipe book, which you can always share with friends and look back to when you want to bake.

So, there are my top tips! I hope that you like them and can use them! if you find any recipes that you love, or you always turn to, don’t hesitate to tell us! Write a blog about it and upload it here: We would love to here from you, and you could even earn a badge!

Happy Baking 😊

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