How to get into reading

Written by Lois Hilton

I’ve always loved reading. Getting into a book or series has always been a safe space for me, however, sometimes I can go through stages where I don’t read at all for a while. In lockdown, I’ve been able to read much more than I did previously and it’s such a great feeling. If you either want to read more, or start reading, here are some of my top tips to add reading into your routine and day.

1. Find out when and where you read best

This may sound weird, but at certain points of the day, you may feel more inclined to read than others. For example, I personally like to start off my day by reading for around an hour after I’ve gotten up, or finish my day by reading just before bed. Whether or not this is the same for you, try and find the points in the day that either suit your schedule or your desire to read. Certain places in your house may also be better reading spots for you. I like to read on my bed surrounded by blankets, without noise or people. It’s totally up to you! As long as you feel comfortable, nothing else matters. You don’t have to stick to these suggestions, it’s just a way to keep time spare for you to enjoy. You can read anywhere: on trains or sofas, but having a personal reading space at home is always a good idea.

2. Find books that you like

Do some browsing! Whether you’re into fantasy, romance or horror, there’s a book for all! There’s no point trying to read a book that you aren’t interested in to start with, as you won’t get into it. You can browse on the internet, reading blurbs, in shops or libraries. I personally use an app called GoodReads, which you can get on a browser or on your phone. You can use it to log books you’ve read, are reading and want to read. It also suggests books that you may like based on others you've read and it has loads of reviews. I highly recommend getting it.

3. Set yourself goals

Now you have your books, and your times and areas, set yourself a goal! Whether it’s to read a book once a month, or at least a chapter a day, then set it! It doesn’t matter if you go over your goal (I set myself a goal of reading 10 pages a day and I regularly read over 50), as long as it’s in place, then you can feel like you’ve achieved it.

4. Keep a log of books

Whether you do this through GoodReads or not, it is a great way to review and look at books you’ve previously read, and how long they took you. You can also use it to make suggestions to friends and show them what you are reading. I have a list of books I have on my bookshelf at home to read, and a list of ones to buy. Once I’ve read them, I highlight them off and write the date. It’s a great way to make sure that all your books are read.

5. Review them!

When you have finished a book, review it and share what you liked and didn’t like. You may like short chapters over long, romance over horror, or first-person over third. Whatever your preferences are, make sure to keep track of them, so in the future, you know what types of books to look out for.

I hope you liked my top tips and enjoy reading 😊. It’s always great to have a book handy wherever you go, but most importantly to enjoy! Happy reading!

In the future, I will be posting some books that I've enjoyed. However, if you are a budding bookworm and want to join the book corner to share your favourite books, then please do! I would love to hear about them!

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