How to get into scrapbooking

Written by Lois Hilton

Hello and welcome back to another blog 😊. I hope that you have had a good month! This month, I chose to talk about scrapbooking: this is something that I really want to get into. I have all of the stuff to start but I never end up getting round to it! As we are approaching the summer months and restrictions start to ease even more, it is the perfect time to start making a scrapbook of all of the memories that have been made in this confusing time.

1. What is it for?

Scrapbooks can come in different forms, to serve different purposes. You may want to make a journaling scrapbook, a trip scrapbook, a photo scrapbook, or even a book scrapbook! It could be a scrapbook for you, or a scrapbook for a friend/ family member. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is something that you will look forward to and will enjoy, as scrapbook can sometimes take a long time to make, and you will need the motivation to continue creating.

2. Decide the theme

The purpose of your scrapbook will probably help you in deciding the theme you want. If you’re trip was in the summer, you may choose to use bright colours like yellow, and if it is for a journal you might use a mixture of your favourite colours. Make sure that you choose something that you will be able to get supplies for (more on that later), as well as something that goes with the idea you have. Be as creative as you like: you can even just choose an image, like a rose, to be your theme: various colours and concepts can work together varying on the idea you want.

3. Collect memories

Now you have an idea of what you are going to do and how it is going to look, you need to collect the memories/ ideas. Whether you have had the trip or not, you can start to think about the layout and what pictures you want to include or want to take to include. If you’re making a journal scrapbook, and the purpose is just to allow you to let out emotions or talk about the day, then you can always skip out this step, or you may choose to always look around you for ideas and thoughts to remember to include.

4. Collect supplies

Onto one of the best parts: supplies! You may already have things to use, or you may have to buy things. Anything can be used for a scrapbook: stickers, pens, frames, ribbons, washi tape, whatever you fancy. My favourite shops to look for scrapbook things are Typo, Neon Sheep and Paperchase, but other shops can have amazing, if not better things, especially small businesses. Depending on your theme will influence what shops are the best ones to go to.

5. Scrapbook!

Time to scrapbook! Now that you have everything you need, it is time to put it all together and start making. You may choose to do this over a week, moth, or even a year. It is a great thing to do when half watching the TV in the evening, or just to unwind with. I am sure the will all turn out great!

There are all o my tips to get into scrapbooking! I hope you like them 😊. If you have any hobbies you want to share, or any scrapbook designs that worked for you, don’t forget you can send them in: I would love to see them! Here is a link for more information:

Happy Scrapbooking and I will see you again next month!

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