How to get into sewing

Written by Lois Hilton

Hello, and welcome back to another blog! This time, I will be sharing with you my top tips on how to get into sewing. I love sewing, especially all of the small projects that you can do over a few days whilst watching tv in the evening. I have been trying to do more of this myself, but sometimes I struggle to find time for it, so these tips will help me as well! Hope you like them 😊

1. Start small

Sewing can sometimes be a hard task to do, so make sure that you don’t set yourself too big of a project. I would recommend starting with a small project, so that you have the motivation to finish it, and then slowly building up to bigger ones. This is also good to help you continue to want to improve your skill. Small projects could be something like a cushion or a felt animal, with minimal sewing needed.

2. Find instructions/ a pattern

For every project, it is good to have a pattern or a set of instructions, so that you get the right proportions and know exactly what to do. There are various books that have these in, but sometimes, if you search online, you can find lots of free ones to use, like making bucket hats or blog posts with lots of different projects in them. I personally like looking on Pinterest for my ideas, and then taking it from there onwards.

3. Use the things you already have

Around the house, you may have various things that you can used to make certain projects. This could be things like using fabric from an old top, or thread leftover from friendship bracelets. As we shift into a more eco-conscious world, it is more beneficial than ever to get the best usage out of all that you buy. You also may be able to change up clothes that are plain to have patterns or embroidery on them. Anything is possible with a needle and thread!

4. Get the basics

Sometimes, it is not possible to find everything you need at home to get creative. In this case, it is good to buy the basics, so that you are prepared to make for projects in the future. Lots of places do a basic sewing kit, but if you don’t need all of it, I would recommend buying some needles, pins, thread and a good pair of scissors. The other things may vary depending on what you make, like the type of fabric and if you need ribbon etc.

5. Get sewing!

Now it’s time to sew! You have all you need, so you just need to start! If the project doesn’t go well the first time, don’t worry – it sometimes takes some practice so be patient. You may even want to sew with some friends and family so that you can help each other out if things go wrong. You’ve got this!

There are all my tips! I hope they are helpful and are useful for the start of your sewing adventure. If you have any particular sewing project that you like, or any hobby you want to share, why not write a blog about it? You have the chance to appear on our website and receive a badge. Here is a link for more information:

Happy sewing and I’ll see you next month 😊.

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