How to prepare for back to school

Written by Lois Hilton

Hi guys! Hope you are well and had a good break if you are in education! This month’s blog is slightly different and is all about preparing yourself for the year ahead, whether you’re at school, college or university. Here are my top tips to help start your year strong and organised!

1. Colour-code your timetable

This is one of my favourite things to do on either my first day of school, or after my timetable comes through. Not only is it pretty, but you can easily see when and where all of your different classes are just by their colour. This is especially good for college and university, where you may have a lot of free time, which you can easily see by the free spots. You don’t have to stop at one timetable either! You can have one on your desk at home, one in your planner, and even one for your parents. I would recommend also adding any other activities that you do in the evenings so that you can make sure to plan your work and studying around that. It’s also a good excuse to buy more highlighter colours but I didn’t tell you that…

2. Have a good file system

It can be easy to shove everything in your bag at the end of a lesson, and not bother to sort it out until the end of the day, when it’s in a crumbled mess at the bottom of your bag. I would recommend either having a binder, expandable folder with separate sections for your subjects, or even just separate folders. Then, every time you go to that lesson, you can take out the relevant folder with your textbook, and it is all there.


I take any opportunity to buy more stationery! Before you start the academic year, make sure that you have a full set of relevant equipment for the courses you do, as well as some spare for when they run out. I would recommend always having a pen, pencil, ruler and rubber for the essentials, as well as highlighters, colouring pencils and anything else you require. Having a pencil case is always a must for me – it keeps everything together and is less likely to lose.

4. Pack your bag/ sort your outfit the day before

This is a common back to school tip that people say all of the time, but I think it is very beneficial. Knowing that everything is sorted before I go to bed is much more relaxing, and makes the morning less stressful than if you had to see if your clothes are out of the wash or where your folder is. Then, all you have to do is double check in the morning, to check it is all there, and leave.

5. Organise your workspace/ room

Over the summer, we’ve all probably neglected our desks, and they’ve been piled up with things that aren’t school related. Make sure to clean your room before you go back to school, so that you don’t have to stress out about it halfway through the term, and it’s easy to find things if you lose them. It’s also good to have a spare set of stationery on your desk so you don’t have to empty out your pencil case from your bag every time you work.

There are my top tips! I hope they help you to be prepared for school, and your year goes well. Don’t forget, if you have a hobby or some tips you want to share with us you can send them in – I would love to hear from you 😊. Here is a link for more information:

Hope school goes well, and I’ll see you next month.

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