June Badge of the Month: Women's Rights

Written by The Hive Team

Each month we're going to feature a 'Badge of the Month' that Hive members can try together. The idea is that even though we're an online group, we can still all come together to do the same thing and share our experiences, tips and thoughts on it.

For our twelfth Badge of the Month, we are going to focus on ‘Women’s Rights’, which is a Rangers interest badge. We all have rights that make sure we are treated fairly and we need to stand up when they aren’t respected.

We've set out the syllabus below and would love it if you gave it a go and updated us with your progress- let us know what you are doing to make a change!


1. What if…?

Over time, there have been lots of changes to the law to try to make sure girls and women aren’t treated differently because of their gender.

But what if these laws didn’t exist? Pick one big moment in history for women’s rights, and show how your everyday life would be different if it hadn’t happened. Create something to show what your day would be like – why not make a podcast or a cartoon strip? Take a look at this page for inspiration.

2. Current issues

Find out about some current women’s rights issues like FGM, how different women are portrayed in the media (such as women of colour, disabled women, women who choose not to have children), female authors being told to use names which aren’t obviously female (JK Rowling for example), the tampon tax or something else you feel strongly about.

Now you’ve found out about your issue, take action! Do something towards improving your chosen issue.

3. Your manifesto

Imagine you’re in charge of the country. What do you think needs changing? What needs to be improved for women? What laws would make women’s lives better and fairer?

Your challenge is to create your own women’s rights manifesto. State how you plan to make sure women have the power to do what they want and be treated fairly.

Read the full syllabus and some more tips on the Girlguiding website, here.

Got an idea for our next Badge of the Month? Let us know on our Facebook or

Happy badging!

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