Keeping the guiding spirit alive with campfire songs

Written by Issy and Lily, Girlguiding Sidcup West district

The reason we wanted to record these campfire songs was to keep alive the spirit of guiding that we have learnt from our brilliant leaders across the Sidcup West district, especially our district commissioner and Ranger leader Janice Larkin. She has seen us from when we joined the guiding community and watched us and helped us grow into the leader and young leader we are today.

It was important to us to make sure there was a mixture of songs being filmed so that all members of guiding, from Rainbows to the Trefoil Guild can find enjoyment in the songs as well as learn some new ones.

We enjoyed filming the campfire songs as it helped us feel really connected to the guiding community even though we can’t leave our homes to have our weekly meetings or go on our Guide camps or pack holidays.

The joy of sharing our favourite songs and being able to do some silly actions and song lyrics helped us to feel more positive about the situation we are in as a country. We hope that the people who watch the videos have the same feeling of escape as us when we were filming them!

Our favourite campfire song is called ‘Get Loose, Get Funky’. This was the first song we did together as it’s a call and response song. This song is one of our favourites because of the energy it creates as well as being able to put a smile on everyone’s face really easily. It’s a great song to sing around a campfire - it really gets the energy up!

We also felt it was important to record the Girlguiding unit meeting opening and closing songs as these are songs we hear at our weekly meetings. This can help with the feeling of familiarity and help keep some normality in our lives.

Making these videos was very fun but we can only assume our neighbours think that we are feeling the effects of isolation and are letting off steam singing and dancing around the garden! Making sure our singing is in time when we do the call and response songs can be a challenge when filming and when editing, but the laughs had while filming really keep spirits high and the enthusiasm going. Some videos needed more takes than others and we're sure our neighbours must have learnt at least part of the campfire songs we have filmed!

You can view all of Issy and Lily's videos here.

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