LaSERIO Argentina: Ciao Argentina!

Written by Girlguiding LaSERIO Argentina team

After three incredible weeks in Argentina, we are now home, rested, and unpacked - so it's time to reflect on the final week of our Argentinian adventure in Cordoba!

During our final week of placement we were so productive at the Little Bee Nursery. We finished painting all of the garden walls - now featuring a number and letter wall! - dug in some tyres to create a dragon for the children to climb on, and planted some trees and flowers to bring a bit of life to the garden. We have definitely learnt a number of ways to re-use tyres!

We have played with the nursery children in the afternoons and it was so lovely and humbling to see them enjoying the new toys and walls that we have been able to create for them. We also painted the indoor playroom white at the request of the nursery staff, as they did not like the red walls. It is now a bright space for the kids to play in, and the staff are loving the fresh look!

It wasn't all hard work though! We had some amazing adventures in the evenings and on our weekends off. We had a really fun Argentine Tango lesson with the lovely Diego and Diana (where we continued to learn how friendly Argentinian people are). Watch out Anton Du Beke!

We enjoyed a weekend jam-packed with sightseeing and adventures, starting with an energetic morning of trekking. We went on a warm-up walk to a dam in the northwest region of the province, only to be told the real trek would begin shortly. We practically climbed a mountain! But the views were definitely worth it and we found out a lot about the people who lived in the caves way back when, while conquering a few fears of heights on the way.

The day wasn’t over though. As a reward for the energetic afternoon, we headed to a natural hot pool and enjoyed the evening relaxing in the warm waters basking in the evening sun.

On our final day we met up with local Guias, or Guides, from the local Cordoba district. We shared breakfast pastries and traditional yerba mate, shared games and songs, traded badges and created giant neckerchiefs with our hand prints to swap and cherish forever. We were presented with a neckerchief, promise badge, and a handmade mate cup, which we will be bringing to LaSERIO for everyone to share some yerba mate with us.

During our expedition we have made friends for life, shared guiding and scouting traditions, and provided support with a long lasting impact for the Little Bee sala cuna (nursery) .

On our final day we shared a very emotional farewell with our in-country Projects Abroad host Alejandra, without whom our experience would not have been the same! We have a true friend for life, and miss her dearly already - thank you Alejandra for being you, and looking after us in country!

Lots of love,

The Girlguiding LaSERIO Argentina 2019 team


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