LaSERIO Uganda: Days 3, 4 and 5

Written by Girlguiding LaSERIO Uganda team

Day 3

We woke up to the most delicious porridge any of us had ever tried, even the non-porridge eaters like Maddy tried some and no one was disappointed! We attended the primary school assembly where they sang and praised God in a really inspiring way, and the other group of Guides performed a version of 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf’. John then took us on a tour of the village, showing us around the medical centre, primary and high school as well as the church.

Before lunch we began to plan our development projects where we will be visiting families in Kabubbu and asking them questions about their life so that we can use a £100 budget to improve their lives. We may be able to assist with buying food, medicine, mosquito nets or supplies that will help the family with their plans. The choice is ours based on what we agree are the priorities to support the family in a sustainable way.

Afterwards we taught lessons at the primary school about communication, focusing on the post and letter-writing. We played hangman and other games to help with learning spelling.

We had a great first day at the project and we’re overwhelmed by our first impressions of Kabubbu.

Day 4

This morning we all enjoyed the porridge again as well as toast, eggs and sausages. We were then sent on our first task of the day working on a construction project decorating houses for the teachers at the primary and high school. We sanded down the cement walls with our mentor Joseph, singing as we worked, and then we swept out the rooms with brooms made from straw which were very effective!

For lunch we had gorgeous samosas - we were all so full after because we couldn't get enough of them!

In the afternoon we returned to the primary school where we built on the communication lessons, working on putting the vocabulary into sentences in different tenses and showing them how to address envelopes. Victoria then received a letter from a young boy called Christopher who she had met in the English class.

Overall a busy and fun day... great to get started on our decorating project.

- Sarah, Girlguiding LaSERIO Uganda participant

Day 5

In the morning we were responsible for running craft activities for the children and made pipe cleaner bumble bees, friendship bracelets, alien pencil toppers and stained glass windows.

We think that they really enjoyed the crafts as they were playing with them once we had finished. Many of them were very keen and wanted to make multiple of each item! They also taught us some different ways of making bracelets that were new to us. After we tided up we went outside to join in on their games. We painted their nails, did face painting and glitter which everyone was excited and enthusiastic about. Everyone took lots of photos and had fun playing hand ball and keepie-uppies with the balloons before going to lunch.

For lunch it was pumpkin soup, rolls and coleslaw which we all enjoyed. Suddenly torrential rain started, so we played 'Spoons' at the restaurant with Mike (a boy from the school who we invited in out of the rain) before venturing back to the dorm to fetch our hoodies. When the rain had calmed down we went back to school to play indoor games with them, teaching them 'Splat', 'Down in the Jungle' and 'Heads Down Thumbs Up'. The children also taught us their games. Overall we all had a fun and creative day with everyone enjoying themselves and making new friends.

- Honor and Ophelia, Girlguiding LaSERIO Uganda participants

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