LaSERIO Uganda: Days 9 and 10

Written by Girlguiding LaSERIO Uganda team

In the morning, we all went to do agriculture work where they run the Graze School of Farming. We clipped bottle tops to a piece of rope with 30cm gaps to prepare to measure out the planting of maize. We all chatted and worked hard together along with an independent volunteer who joined us that morning. Afterwards, we came back for lunch before packing up the vans and heading out to our development project families.

My group loaded our chicken into a wheelbarrow once we arrived (live, may I add!) and brought our mattress, solar light and other donations along with us; the family were really happy to see us. Later on that evening, we donated our dinner to the families and we were welcomed to sit down on mats in their courtyard, served them drinks and left them to enjoy the meat stew and potatoes. We came back and shared our experiences at the resort with each other and found a big difference between how the two families had received their supplies and meal.

- Tammy, Girlguiding LaSERIO Uganda participant

We stared the day by going to assembly as usual. We then set off for our last day of agriculture work. We measured out our plot of land, dug holes for the seeds, added fertiliser and planted the maize. It was tough work (as it was so hot) but rewarding once we had finally finished it.

After lunch we went to do basket weaving. The locals explained how to make them before setting us off to have a go for ourselves. It took quite a while to make only a small bowl, however they all looked really good once they were done. After we had finished the baskets we went to spend time with the school kids before we had a talk about the Kabbubu Development Project. After dinner we learnt about the Quicken Trust story from the charity’s founders.

In summary it was a great day full of lots of learning and new experiences.

-Ophelia, Girlguiding LaSERIO Uganda participant

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