Make, Do, Lead

Make, Do, Lead is a 100 Girls Project created through the Juliette Low Seminar (JLS) and supported by WAGGGS and Girlguiding London and South East England. This resourceaims to nurture and build awareness of creativity, along with building problem solving skills in girls and young women. It has been created by Jean Oberlander from London South West county.

What is Make, Do, Lead?

Make, Do, Lead is a resource primarily aimed at Guides and Rangers. It is designed to encourage creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and higher order thinking in a fun and engaging way. Each section focuses on the Creative and Critical Thinking Mindset with areas and foundations that engage the other parts of the WAGGGS Leadership Model, as well as helping girls, young women and Leaders and practitioners to learn about WAGGGS. Make, Do, Lead hopes to highlight the importance of the Creative and Critical Thinking Mindset and how building on those skills can inspire girls to become creative and imaginative leaders, for themselves and for those around them.

Make, Do, Lead is part of a project that was developed through learning about the Leadership Model at the Juliette Low Seminar in December 2022. Delegates from across the world met over a period of months and will culminate in at least 500 members from WAGGGS creating their own “100 Girls Project”, to reach 100 girls each by June 2023. Supporting and using this challenge badge contributes to the development of the “100 Girls Project” and helps reach as many girls as possible.

If you are keen to use the Make, Do, Lead resource in your Guide or Ranger units, you can get started by downloading the resource here.

If you would be happy to provide an evaluation, please complete this form. Badges will be provided to those who participated (though there are a limited number).

If you are happy to share any photos please send them to If you have any questions or queries, please contact Jean at

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