March Badge of the Month: Entrepreneur

Written by The Hive Team

Each month we're going to feature a 'Badge of the Month' that members of The Hive can try together. The idea is that even though we're an online group, we can still all come together to do the same thing and share our experiences, tips and thoughts on it.

For our ninth Badge of the Month, we are going to focus on ‘Entrepreneur’, which is a Rangers interest badge. An entrepreneur is simply someone who sets up a business - maybe this is your dream job or just something that you find interesting!

We've set out the syllabus below and would love it if you gave it a go and updated us with your progress - you could write a blog about your business ideas and send it in to receive your very own The Hive badge!


1. Pick a business role model

Choose a business role model. Present your role model and their story, focusing on how they developed their business. Make a list of top tips you’ve learned from your role model – use the ideas here for inspiration on presenting your list.

2. Pitch your own business

Are there any gaps in the market for a product or service? Do you have an idea that would stand out from the crowd? Think about things that you’d use, or do something that represents you (or a group you identify with).

Put your idea together and pitch it to a friend, family member or unit member, and ask your audience for their feedback so you can review it and evaluate your idea.

3. Finalise your business plan

Now it’s time to find out how to create a business plan and make one for your idea. It needs to include:

  • A name and logo for your idea
  • What type of business it’ll be (for example a social enterprise or limited company)
  • What support you’ll need and where you can find it
  • How you’ll attract customers
  • How profit will be made (if any)
  • Who your target audience is
  • How you’ll fund your idea

Read the full syllabus and some more tips on the Girlguiding website, here.

Got an idea for our next Badge of the Month? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram!

Happy badging!

The Hive Team

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