Mental Health Experiences

Written by Abbie Hurcombe - The Hive

Why did I create this series?

Many people I have spoken to when researching mental health issues that surround them in their daily lives say that mental health is not spoken about enough. One girl I spoke to said she felt alone due to no one feeling or experiencing anxiety in the same that she did.

From this, I have decided to create a blog series to share some experiences young people face. This may give you some reassurance that you are not alone, and you may realise someone else has felt the same way as you or realise that everyone’s experience of mental health is different.

This series will be a summary of a few experiences of mental health, as experienced by young people. The following blogs will include some interviews that I have had with some young people, sharing their experiences.

Grace's Story

Grace has suffered from depression and anxiety and has sometimes felt lost and alone. She has lost friends and argued with her family. From her experience, she says you do not want to communicate how you’re really feeling because of what you think others will say. There is a stigma in your head that you shouldn’t feel this way and that people will tell you that you are ‘just sad’ and ‘you will get over it’.

Grace has struggled with her mental health so much that she ended up overdosing in September 2019. Thankfully, she is now recovering and has taken steps to improve her mental health.

What has helped Grace manage and improve her mental health?

Since taking an overdose, Grace has realised life offers more than she realised. Grace took her anxiety journey to a counsellor and said this helped to truly understand the core reasons for the ways she was feeling. This resulted in her gaining a stronger relationship with her parents.

When Grace went to see a counsellor, it was a big step for her to take. It helped her realise the main causes of the way she was feeling, and even though this can be hard to come to terms with, it was just what she needed to get herself to tackle each little reason individually. With anxiety, often a few things can be a cause of something which is then being portrayed to everyone else differently. If someone can help you find those main causes, then over time, you can try to face them little by little.

Lockdown has also helped Grace. For many, lockdown from the coronavirus has been a stressful and anxious time. It has given people time to overthink and heighten issues in their lives. For Grace, it has given her the time to sit and think about life in the way she has needed. It has allowed her to take time to herself and get herself in a good place. In normal life, she found it hard to find time to be on her own without feeling guilty about missing out on something for someone else.

As much as Grace has moved forward from her lowest point, her anxiety still prevents her from taking on great opportunities such as performing, which is her passion in life. Just because you have improved from a low stage in your life, this does not necessarily mean you have reached where you want to be yet. If people are telling you ‘You aren’t that bad anymore’ or ‘You’re not that sad or low anymore’, this does not mean you cannot ever be sad anymore. You have to listen to your body and feelings and let it be how it needs to be.

Grace wants to get through to people that when you are feeling at your lowest it is okay to be like this and although you may feel alone and like you need to just be by yourself to deal with it, you should reach out and communicate.

'You are not alone'

Grace’s story is just one experience of managing your mental health. It’s important to remember that everyone is different and that no two experiences will be the same. What worked for one person might not work for someone else.

If anything mentioned has brought up anything to you, or if you just want to find out a bit more about mental health, there are a few charities that you can call or message below.


Mind UK:

Time to Change:

Time to Change has numerous accounts from a range of young people with all different experiences of mental health problems. From anxiety to phobias, eating disorders to myth-busting, this website is a great starting point for anyone worried about a mental health issue, whoever it’s affecting.

Mental Health Foundation:

This has a specific section on the website for mental health through corona virus if this is something you may be in need of.

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