Mental Health Project

Written by Abbie Hurcombe - The Hive Writer

Hi, I am Abbie and I am a college student. I have completed an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) through college and would love to share it all with you.

When I had completed my EPQ I wanted more people to be able to see what I completed. Many people suffer from several mental health issues in society and I wanted to share my posters further.

For my EPQ I had to research mental health and different photo options which would portray the mental health issue the best. I really enjoyed interviewing different people on their experiences of mental health and this allowed me to base my posters on aspects which they said would have helped them through their journey.

I want my posters to either help someone who is suffering to realise that they are not alone and that many others have suffered from similar issues and got through the other side of it. I just hope that this helps those who are currently suffering to see some light at the end of the tunnel. I also want my posters to be accessed by those who may be helping people who are suffering.

I hope these posters help someone!

This is my favourite poster as I found this portrays so many words and I loved the simplicity of this. I found this poster is so powerful to many.

This is so true within the world we live in nowadays. The majority of people nowadays live online and judge themselves against others online.

Through this poster, I hope people just understand it is better to tell people about how you are feeling and almost 'take the lid off the bottle'.

Many people are told to 'Just Breathe' within their journey with mental health. They are likely to have already told themselves to just breathe and this is unlikely to be something they need to be told. Many people would prefer people to just sit with them and say nothing and just know they are there.

This poster talks about how a lot of abuse is emotional and not just physical. Emotional abuse can sometimes be more painful than physical and can often last longer.

If any of this has raised anything you wish to discuss with anyone then here is some resources available to you.

Mind UK:

Time to Change:

Time to Change has numerous accounts from a range of young people with all different experiences of mental health problems. From anxiety to phobias, eating disorders to myth-busting, this website is a great starting point for anyone worried about a mental health issue, whoever it’s affecting.

Mental Health Foundation:

This has a specific section on the website for mental health through corona virus if this is something you may be in need of.

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