LaSER FareShare Heroes

Girlguiding LaSER is partnered with the charity FareShare to fight food waste, protect the environment and stop people going hungry. Find out how LaSER members have been taking action for FareShare, to earn our FareShare challenge badges.

We asked parents to contribute any overripe fruit that would otherwise be going in the bin, then the Brownies loved working together to make fabulous smoothies for the unit! Our girls love to perform, so we spent one evening scripting and acting out would be ’TV commercials’ to raise awareness around the need to minimise food waste and to recognise that some families are struggling to make ends meet.

— Jo, Leader at 1st Hove Brownie Unit

Our final activity, which was a firm favourite was our Buy-Wise shopping challenge. Brownies were given a £5 budget and tasked to purchase a list of items from our local Co-op, e.g. buy something in a tin / something to keep you clean. The group that spent their money most wisely were recognised as the winners of the challenge! We donated the items we purchased. Our Brownies really enjoyed this series of activities, as did their parents and carers who appreciated our efforts to raise awareness about such an important topic and to give back to our local community.

— Jo, Leader at 1st Hove Brownie Unit

The 2nd West Blatchington Guide Unit told us about their ready steady cook off, using food that would otherwise go to waste.

The leaders brought in a selection of foods that often go to waste, and asked the girls to bring in items from home that were about to be past their best. In patrols, the Guides held a ready steady cook off using the various ingredients. They planned and cooked their menu independently (with a little leader guidance!). We had veggie Bolognese, rice pudding, cheesy pasta and bread and butter pudding, they were all super tasty. We asked them to bring containers in so they could take their creation home and have it for lunch the next day!

— Lara, Leader at 2nd West Blatchington Guide Unit

For the ready steady cook challenge, we used food that would normally go to waste to make new dishes. We did this to show you can make a dish just out of leftovers to feed more mouths for the better!

— Bluebell, Guide, 2nd West Blatchington Guide Unit

The 100th Islington Brownies have been working on becoming Food Waste Heroes. Over the last few weeks they have done some different activities to learn about all the good work that Fareshare do whilst also looking at how to reduce food waste.

Our favourite activity was making smoothies with different fruit, yoghurt and juices we had left over from earlier in the week. We also got competitive with small group quizzes on all the facts about FareShare and food waste, and finally we all made different tv ads on what you can do to reduce food waste and why it’s helpful. The girls said they enjoyed learning about this topic, as it made them feel happy to know charities and people look out for those that are hungry. They loved making smoothies as they were so tasty and was a fun idea to use up leftovers. They also enjoyed tasting the smoothies it was a great way to encourage them to try some new foods too! All the girls and leaders have been inspired and we hope more units have a go at the activities.

— Natalie, 100th Islington Brownie Unit

We have 4 challenges for your unit to try, so why not become food heroes next term? See the activity ideas here.

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