Overcoming fear: my Young Leader experience

Written by Claire Coles-Williams

My guiding name is Caterpillar and I've been with 1st St. James Rainbow unit for a little over a year now.

I've always struggled with talking in front of large groups due to having anxiety. I spoke to my mentor, Lesley, who suggested that I run opening games every Tuesday that we meet. This started alarm bells ringing in my head - what if I mess up? What if the girls don't listen? What if I cant do it? These thoughts were obviously not helpful. I came up with some steps to help me:

"Breathe. Relax. Stay calm."

I have been running the opening games now for the past month and it's going really well! I'm slowly becoming more confident in myself and I'm not panicking when I have to explain to the girls what game we will be playing. Another leader said that I did brilliantly. It's been a long journey to overcome this but I'm getting there.

One of the activities that I ran was a 'Memory Game'. We printed out pictures of different items and colours. The girls then had to pair up the different items once they were scattered on the floor. What I have learned from the experience is that I can run an opening game by myself and that I'm capable of doing anything I put my mind to!

I have included the plan for the meeting that I used and will keep you updated on how things go!

Do you have a story about overcoming fear or other obstacles through guiding? We'd love to share your stories and inspire and encourage other members in the region! Get in touch to tell your story and join in the conversation on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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